Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Surprise Party

I have this theory that Paul lives life at a different speed than most men his age.

When I started introducing him to my friends at work, they all thought he was older. "No, Paul just turned 23," I said. "Your Paul? Not the guy I met. He's 30."

Monday, Paul finally turned 30. And he's spending a lot of time lately contemplating the gray hairs on the sides of his head and the increasing prominence of his forehead. I helpfully remind him that at 6'4", at least he doesn't have to worry about anyone catching a glare off the slightly thinning area at the crown of his head.

I shouldn't joke; he takes this all very seriously.

Anyway, our marriage has been bad and our money has been low, but for such a milestone I had to do something special, so I threw Paul a big surprise party last Saturday.

I asked Paul what he wanted to do for his birthday, and invited the few friends he wanted to have over for an informal barbeque. I also invited over a lot more people, and I'd secretly arranged with his parents for them to drive out from Wyoming (Paul's birthday was the same weekend as Adelaide's baptism, so it was a 2-for-1 trip).

I took Paul to a barbeque place to test it out, then arranged for them to cater the party. (I had only shopped for the amount of food Paul would expect to grill for the party he expected to have.) I hired a clown. I asked my dad to take Paul out somewhere for the afternoon so that I could set it all up and laid the groundwork for that.


Paul wouldn't leave the house. I am a great liar, but eventually he became suspicious and agreed to leave the house for an hour, fully expecting to be surprised when he got back. He was surprised, by the number of people here, his parents, and the clown. I made him take his balloon Eeyore hat to work, but I don't think he wore it.

After several mistrials, the cake turned out looking great, thanks to the help of my mother and youngest sister. Sadly, I can't post a picture of it, since it is the logo for Paul's new employer.

Anyway, success. Now I just hope that someone will send me some pictures; I didn't take too many. And now that Paul's midlife crisis is over, I'm looking forward to his retirement.

This is what Paul wanted to do instead of going out to a movie with my dad:

Jessica, you left your balloon.


Orange said...

Thirty? He's just a baby! "Midlife" crisis? Not yet. Maybe in another five or ten years.

Sarahlynn said...

Orange, I predict my own midlife crisis in another 15 years or so, when I'm in my late 40's, the kids are a little older, and I'm ready to break out of the mom mold.

But Paul, really, that guy does just run on a different schedule, I think. Like Robin Williams in that one movie about the kid who looked older than his parents.

Alex said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! I am right behind you; I turn 30 in July.

I also guessed about a recently surprise party and greatly irritated my spouse.

Hope your 30s are great.

ccw said...

30 was easy for both of us. I have a feeling that 40 might be different.

The party sounds like a lot of fun; except for the clown. Since Poltergeist and later It, I can't do clowns.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

PPB said...

30 is a little early for a midlife crisis. 35 maybe....But he is advanced for his age!

Camera Obscura said...

Please tell me that rope attached to the baby swing is not so Mr. Mid-Life-Crisis-Way-Too-Early can lie in the hammock and swing the baby too!


flatflo said...

I am so sorry Dave and I missed the party. I went to the dermatologist the day before and they did some torturous things to my foot. I couldn't walk and was in major pain.

But that brings up my just-turned-31 annoyance. I've been having acne break out lately due to a change in medication. Doc prescribed a cream in the Retin-A family. Went to fill at Walgreen's, where I am told I am too old, it will not be covered! If you are 30 or younger, they accept that the medication is for acne, but 31 or older and they think it is a ploy for the wrinkle-reduction properties. Of course I just turned 31 three weeks ago. Bah!

p.s. Happy birthday, Paul!

Sarahlynn said...

Alex, happy early 30th to you!

CCW, surely it just keeps getting better? That's what I'm told, anyway. And this was the least creepy clown I've ever seen. Since she works with little kids, she leaves enough of her face visible to be non-scary.

PPB, exactly. I just hope he isn't planning to kick off at 40.

Camera, that's exactly what the rope is for! Good eye.

Laura, I'm sorry about your foot! And about your medication issue. Grr.