Monday, May 07, 2007


It's been very humid here lately, and I've decided to embrace that. My hairbrush is on summer hiatus, called into service merely for its pleasure-giving skills. My original hair pick from 1987 has not yet earned its retirement, and I've even purchased some gel. My hair is used to being softly brushed and product-free, so this is a bit of a change of pace for me. I wash, gel, pick, and air dry. It's quite freeing and brings back memories of the late 1980's (minus the wings and bangfall)!

I was leaning over to unbuckle Ellie's carseat safety harness yesterday and she started to pet the top of my head.

"Bumpy," she said.

"Yep, Mommy's hair is pretty curly right now," I responded, showing her one particular corkscrew curl at the side of my face.

"Cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee-cuhlee" she said until her tongue tripped over itself and we both dissolved into laughter.

I love Ellie's emerging language and joke telling. I love the way she stops at the end of the driveway, carefully looking left, right, and left again before shooting a michievious glance back toward the house and escaping into the road. I love the way she's learning to sing her ABCs. I love the way she puts her face right in front of her little sister's and says, "Ada laughing!" until Ada does start to laugh. I love the way she picks up a baby doll, puts a purse over her arm, and tells me, "I'll be back soon," as she tries to get out the front door. I fear the day she masters the doorknob.


ccw said...

I wish I could bottle the sweetness of children this age. Being around them makes anything seem possible.

Paper Whore said...

My son has mastered the doorknob and both of the door locks. The other day, he managed to sneak out into the front yard and gave both of his parents a small heart attack. Yes, do pray that she doesn't want to learn that trick.

Victoria/Beachcomber said...

Oooh! It thrills me to hear about Ellie's developing skills. I'm so looking forward to hearing more words and comments from Carys. Right now she's got a complex language that goes something like "goydlee, oydlee, oydlee". It's adorable but we have absolutely no idea what she wants when she says that. I can't wait until we can really communicate!

PPB said...

She's the best.

Sarahlynn said...

CCW, isn't it? Possible? It does seem so.

Paper Whore, how horrifying! Your heart must have stopped for a while. I think I might never sleep soundly again.

Beach, I'd forgotten how frustrating that could be, and I find myself talking to Ada, suggesting that she just tell me what she needs. Heh.

PPB, I agree!

Other Ellie-isms I don't want to forget:

The way she says "Ellie __ too! all the time, like, "Ellie potty too!"

The way she says, "tomarrah" for "later." Like, "Ellie, are you almost done going potty?" "No, tomarrah!"

Camera Obscura said...

The third day we were in this house, #2-Son threw the deadbolt on the front door and left. I was helping his brother with homework on the computer and didn't hear him.

After searching the house, I spent 15 minutes running up and down an unfamiliar street calling him. He was 5, and still pretty much non-verbal. And this was THREE DAYS after we'd moved in.

Luckily a neighbor saw him, deduced that someone that small should not be out by himself, grabbed him, and phoned the police. I got there before the officer did. I was terrified.

The minute my husband got home, I went out and bought double-keyed deadbolts. I taught #1-Son to use the key, and hung it inside a closet and just high enough that #1 could reach it, but not #2.

I know that it would give a fireman fits that we lived in a house with double-keyed deadbolts for a few years, but the threat of #2 getting hit by a car was greater in my estimation.