Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The House is Neat, Finally

Quick update on my way to bed.

Adelaide is the most wonderful, sweet, easy baby to care for. Lots of smiles and laughter, great eye contact, little crying, quite a bit of playing on her own with a toy (or just watching the nearest ceiling fan). I'd be constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing gift, if I didn't spend the other half of my time panicking because she's too easy. Might something be wrong? Or might I be giving her too little, since she demands so little from me and Ellie demands much more? Ah, motherhood.

I had a challenging trip to the dentist today, with another planned for two weeks from today. I am such a dental whiner. But I take such good care of my teeth and get cavities anyway. It's very frustrating.

Ellie is 3-1/2 years old now, yet still our basement is much more accurately described as "Pit of Despair" than "Fun Playroom." My "30 minutes in the basement nightly" plan failed miserably last fall. My new plan is "one box per day," and so far it's working wonderfully, not least because I'm just doing it, not waiting for help. I find that when I start, I always get company and support!

One other not-so-little thing. I decided to stay home. I had a fantastic conversation with my boss on Friday, and as soon as I told her what I wanted to do, I felt amazing. It was the right decision! We left things on very good terms, with the possibility of me doing some work for the team over the summer and possibly coming back part-time later in the year or whenever I'm ready.

I'm tanning right now, as I type in the middle of the night. Also moisturizing and wearing sunscreen. Thanks, Neutrogena, I hope you work your magic on my skin.

Happy! Energetic! Getting things done! Must be spring!

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