Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finger-Sucking Good

Adelaide is 3 months and 3 weeks old now, and finally starting to look and act her age. By which I mean, people's eyes no longer bug all the way out of their heads when I tell them how old she is. Ada has looked and acted 3 months old since the moment she was born. I have never seen a newborn with the intent, almost piercing gaze she had from her first moments breathing air. I look forward to seeing how that trait is borne out in her future personality.

Anyway, here's the obligatory status report on what my amazing baby is doing these days. Surely, you're just as interested as I am, right?

Ada loves to suck on her fingers. Usually the middle two on her right hand, but any fingers - hers or someone else's - will do in a pinch. She also drools a lot and tries to put everything in her mouth. I refuse to acknowledge that teething might be a possibility.

She likes to grab and hold toys dangling over her play gym or car seat, and she sometimes holds her own toes. She can roll from her back to either side, and has twice rolled all the way over onto her tummy.

The first time that happened, I was getting dressed for a party when Ada's mild complaints suddenly became more frustrated and muffled. I poked my head out of my room to find her face down on the floor beside her play mat with her big sister sitting right next to her. I scolded a confused Ellie for rolling the baby, of course.

The second time was today. Ada was on her mat on the floor while I wiped the worst of the lunch mac and cheese off Ellie's face. Since no one was near the baby when she rolled over, bumping her head into the edge of the entertainment center in extremely slow motion, I feel pretty bad about yelling at Ellie last time. I would have blamed her this time too, if she didn't have an airtight alibi.

I can't believe I have a baby who can already find her own feet, contemplate her own hand, suck her fingers intentionally, grasp toys, and roll. Good grief!

We had a hard time getting her to sleep last night. We'd tried nursing (guess who pulled that short straw, yet again) and rocking and walking and dancing (all Paul). She was really frustrated, as were we. Finally we put that wakeful baby down alone in her crib: immediate success.

Some baby. I'd love her even if she were colicky, but she's sure making it easy on me.


Seasonal said...

Awww, she sounds just wonderful. Now if we only had some _pictures_ that we could see... :)

Victoria/Beachcomber said...

Mmmm. Pictures would be lovely .....

I love hearing how she's doing. It always makes me feel sentimental about what Carys did at the same age. She loved fingers too. Especially adult pinkies. Oh, the waterlogged and sprained pinkies we had!