Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's New in Your World?

My Monday post is early this week.

Two of the little girls who couldn't come to Ellie's birthday party last weekend for completely understandable very good reasons were Annika and Frankie. They were in town for a visit, but Annika was not feeling up for a party, even a small, quiet party.

She was waiting for a new liver, you see, but I was under the impression that the wait might be long, that she didn't quite qualify yet. I check her Mama's blog from time to time, but the situation is all overwhelming, when there's so much at stake and you're waiting, waiting, waiting . . . what is there to say? So there haven't always been regular updates.

Imagine my surprise tonight when, while Paul was giving Ellie and Ada their baths, I popped over to see how Annika was doing and found myself 3 pages of posts behind. In just a couple of days, how could so much have happened?!

Well, Annika got a new liver, that's how.

How could my life have been going along normally, with me thinking about regular daily schedule stuff, about wrapping birthday presents, about my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow, while Moreena and Joerg and Annika and Frankie's lives have been completely turned upside down, and I didn't even know it? It's a weird feeling, related to the way I've felt this weekend when I've wanted something from a particular Korean shop where I like to go with my friend Elizabeth, but just before I pick up the phone to call her I realize that she's still in the hospital after having a baby, and probably my costume jewelry requirements aren't at the top of her mind for once.

I'm so happy and emotional about Annika that I've been crying. I've known her for years through her mother's blog, and I've even met her. She's a delightful little girl. I am so thrilled that she's got this big, fat, liver of a chance.

But of course there's always the other side of the story in my mind, too. The part about the donor, the pediatric donor whose parents gave up her liver, her heart, other organs to fortunate little patients this week. My heart is full for them, too, and I hope that they have Something to hold on to right now.

It's the sort of situation that leaves me emotional and limp, and very glad that my children don't understand it enough yet that I'm having to answer their questions because I don't even know where to start. The basics are clear but it's hard to explain a world in which this stuff happens. Kids get so sick that they need organ transplants. And other kids die . . .

But back to Annika, back to the happy side of the story. I can't wait for her next visit to St. Louis. I might plan another clown party just to celebrate. In the meantime, I've got a great idea for a care package that involves some leftover treat bags.

But first I'm going to go nurse my baby and snuggle my birthday girl goodnight.


The Mama said...

I'm so glad that Annika's reached this part of her journey.

Get well soon, little one!

RobMonroe said...

That's great news! I have not been over to her blog in a few weeks, so I missed that post too. It does indeed deserve a clown party!

Tracey said...

Oh that is a very different reason for not attending the party! I haven't caught up on Annika lately, but what wonderful news for the liver, and what heart break for the donor family. God bless them all.