Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Many Chromosomes Do You Have?

Others' pretty pictures:

“Surprisingly there are still a number of myths to be dispelled about Down’s syndrome and even now I am still asked the question: ‘Does Down’s syndrome exist in every race’?”

The answer is: it doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, what religion you are, what your culture dictates, or what race you are; having a child with Down’s syndrome
[sic] is just pure chance.

Also, for good measure, here's a shirt I want to get Ellie in a few years (not yet):
I Have More Chromosomes Than You

Or maybe this one:
Are You Down With It?

got trisomy?

Ah, heck, a lot of them are good.


steph said...

Yeah, we bought a couple of those for Noel- the 'I've got more chromosomes than you' and also '21*21*21'. Well, we got a third, too, but 'Already smarter than Bush' doesn't have much to do with DS.

RobMonroe said...

I've found one for Ada and Abby to wear, too, on CafePress. "Sisters/Friends don't count chromosomes"

Sarahlynn said...

Steph, the 21*21*21 is one of my favorites. And I'm still chuckling about the "smarter than Bush" one.

Rob, I've been looking at those. I bet there's a cousin one, somewhere.

Kathy G said...


Thanks; I needed a laugh today.

Tracey said...

This one is my favorite (if you don't count the one with the F word, which I did enjoy muchly):

Sarahlynn said...

Kathy, they're great, aren't they?

Tracey, I like that one, too. I wonder if Ellie will grow up to be an activist/advocate. Sometimes I just wish I could have a sneak peek into the future . . . but most of the time I wouldn't want that at all. We're all about the now.