Thursday, October 30, 2008

Castle View

After checking into our hotel on Sunday morning we headed directly over to Disney's Hollywood Studies to catch the Block Party Bash. As we waited in line to have our diaper bag checked by security, I overheard a middle-aged dude in the next queue talking to his wife.

"Why would you take your baby to Disney World? I just don't get it. I mean, they-" then I caught his eye and he turned away; I couldn't hear the rest.

If only he could have followed us around for a while, he would have seen this:

and this:

and this:

not to mention, this:

At dinner on the way home tonight, at a Mexican restaurant in rural Illinois, we were talking about the highlights of our trip. Ada was pontificating (in her one-year-old way) about the Dumbo ride and its similar cousin, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, a subject about which she is particularly emphatic.

"Dumbo was your favorite, wasn't it?" Paul asked her.

"No!" she replied, surprising both Paul and me. "The Castle!"

And it's true that she's talked a lot about Cinderella's Castle. Every morning, she'd run to our hotel room window and look outside, saying, "Castle! Castle!" She repeated the process every evening, making sure that we each appreciated the spectacular view.

"Ellie. Ellie. Ellie! ELLIE! Castle!"

Tonight, she looked out the darkening window of La Tequila in Marion, Illinois, across the tiny parking lot to the white-painted cinder block wall of a Sherwin Williams paint store, and said, a little morosely, "No see it."

It begs the question, given the means and inclination (two very big factors indeed) why wouldn't you take your baby to Walt Disney World?


Chrystal said...

Awww, how sweet!

We have an agreement in my house - any able-bodied child of ours must prove the ability to walk the park before we take them.

Maybe we'll cave one day, but time will tell.

steph said...

I don't know... but then again, I'm semi-local. We can make a few day trips on a three-day park hopper with little effort.
But I have to admit, the big spend-the-night-onsite trip will be later. Not much later, maybe this spring?

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm so glad the girls had such fun! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Let me know when I can babysit.

Orange said...

I learned just last year that "begs the question" doesn't at all mean "raises the question," though most of us use it that way. I can't at all explain the correct usage; it has to do with logic and is discussed here.

I don't understand why a middle-aged man goes to Disney World without a small child. Who does that?

Sarahlynn said...

Drat. Just lost my comment.

Chrystal, when does that happen?! I saw 6-year-olds in strollers, often dragging their feet and sometimes crushing younger siblings. It is a LOT of walking. And while we were there, Ellie seemed to forget HOW to walk longer distances. She wanted to be in the stroller OR CARRIED the entire time. Even Ada walked more. But at least the girls were easier to corral/control in the stroller . . .

And, wonderfully, my terrific mother-in-law just sent Paul and me gift certificates for massages!

Steph, I'm a little bit jealous!

Jessica, I will! And thank you!!

Orange, color me embarrassed! I'll rephrase: " it makes me wonder . . ."

I have sure gone to Disney World without small children (in the wintertime, when the children were mostly in school and completely avoiding places like Fantasyland) but your point is well taken. Plus, unlike middle-aged adults, babies (under 3) are free! And they eat for free, too!

Chrystal said...

Wait, wait, wait. I just learned something new and fantastic! They eat for free?! Admission is free?! Well, hot damn. Add in the whole "lap child under 2" thing and you've got an arguement.

BD and I went to DW 3 years ago, pre-kiddo, at the end of September, and had a ball. No lines, great weather. I felt like a kid again. The only issue we had as single adults (not middle-aged) was being overrun by strollers. We didn't mind the screaming kids - that was to be expected and only made us laugh and enjoy our singleness. Anyway, that's when we made our agreement.

Practical, maybe not, but it was inspired by real events.

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