Monday, October 13, 2008

Like Bullet Points, but Lazier

First of all, Annika is doing well. I mean, she's still a very sick little girl, but she's doing as well as can be expected.

Second, wow, I like the big TV. I still like lots of things about not having a big TV, and I'm much more excited about taking the girls to Disney World than having a big TV, but, it sure is lovely. As is the thought of a fancy, new, HD Tivo that could connect to our wireless network. Ah, well. Other priorities intrude.

Third, a funny thing about the Wii Fit. Most of my family and many of my friends have Miis on my Wii (for the non-Nintendo folk, this means that they have a character/avatar who looks a lot like them hanging out on our machine). When I'm hula hooping my way to fitness, Paul encouragingly tosses me additional virtual hoops. When I'm out for a jog in Golden Gate Park, various friends smile at me as they pass headed the other way. Meanwhile, Ada totally passes me up without a glance, quickly disappearing into the distance ahead of me without so much as a wave. Sometimes, she laps me. Hilarious. Anything to keep me coming back for more.

Fourth, what the heck is up with the 80+ degree weather for days on end? Ada has 4 new mosquito bites on her face. Bring back autumn, please.

Finally, here's Ellie holding her new little friend, AJ:
From 2008-10

(Ada's not quite as excited about his arrival. Mildly interested and jealous, perhaps.)

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