Monday, October 20, 2008

Huge Crowd Hears Obama - Under the Arch

Have you ever been part of a shiny, happy crowd of 100,000 people?

Have you ever heard The Pharcyde's 1992 song "Ya Mama?"

(You're welcome)

I've got a little chant running in my own head, and it's been there for days: Whatever/Yo Mama/Votes for/Obama.

You betcha.

As will my own Mama. And my Mama-in-law.

And, also, Colin Powell.

Now, let's dance.


stljoie said...

I was there too and what a wonderful crowd of NICE people. He just has to win....has to.

Tracey said...

When we saw that footage on the news we rewound it (thank you Moxie) so we could still frame it and just be impressed. Come on Obama, you can do it!

I feel positive about politics (as much as I can) for the first time in FOREVER.

Sarahlynn said...

StLJoie, you're the first Obama supporter I "know" who was there! None of my friends actually went, though I know they're planning to vote for Obama. It will be interesting to see what happens on 11/4. And you're right, the tone of the event was just so positive.

Tracey, I'm still fighting to feel positive. I feel like it's far from certain. But I have hope . . .