Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dream Job

I want a job where I can work out in the middle of the day. Ride my bicycle in the country mid-morning on a weekday. Be in bed by 10 o'clock every night. Take a month-long vacation in my first year of employment, and spend about 40% of my time away from the office thereafter. (Hey, I'll even take a laptop along and call it a "working vacation!") That daily nap break sounds pretty great too. To top it off, I'll want to make $400,000 per year plus benefits. Throw in all the free shoes I could want, and this is a dream job indeed.

On a related note: In 2000 we all said we believed that Cheney et al were really in charge and GWB was just a figurehead with the right last name. In 2004 we learned that au contraire, George Jr. is a shrewd politician, a brilliant campaigner who feigns ignorance to set the bar low. But really, if that's true, what's up with this?
[T]he White House, which characterized the alert as the most serious since Sept. 11, did not interrupt Bush's bicycle ride at a suburban wildlife research center in nearby Maryland to tell him about it.

Vice President Dick Cheney who was at the White House at the time was quickly evacuated, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was told about the incident around the time it happened, his spokesman said, and was ready to make any "necessary decisions."


trisha said...

Yeah, that is crazy. Blows me away that they didn't feel any need to tell him. And why does he get more sleep than we do?

Orange said...

And then there was Bill Clinton, who stayed up late learning more things, by reading books and talking to smart people. I liked having a president who stayed up way later than I did because he was just so darn busy. While work/life balance is an excellent goal to have, I'm not sure the leader of the free world should enjoy that balance. It's not like the presidency is a long-term career—for eight years, Bush can't work extra hard?

trisha said...

Hey, SL, I hope you have an amazing week! Take care!