Saturday, May 21, 2005


Shortly after 2:00 this morning, the power went out.

I was working out down in the basement and watching Frida. Our basement is as large as the rest of the house. It's mostly finished, but it's a work in progress at the moment. There are tools and 2x4s, equipment and a balance beam, junk and clutter everywhere down there right now. There are several different rooms, but most don't have doors and have wide openings into the large common space where the pool table, elliptical machine, sofas, and TV vie for space with the construction mess.

In the middle of the night, with no electricity, it's dark down there. Very, very dark. I tripped over mops and plungers as I stumbled off the elliptical machine. I knocked into the pool table with my hip before tripping over the balance beam and catching myself with my wrist on the floor. I walked into a wall, and the lights came back on. All the while, I was calling, "Paul, Paul, Paul," like a mewing kitten. I came upstairs to find him sitting in bed, confused. He heard me but wasn't entirely awake.

I finished my workout and the movie, keeping a flashlight within reach at all times. Good movie. Scary basement.

Interesting sidenote. Did you know that Alfred Molina, who played Diego Rivera in Frida, is Bishop Aringarosa in the upcoming film version of The Da Vinci Code? And although he looks like a freaking giant in Frida, he's only 6'2". 2 inches shorter than my Paul! Salma Hayek (Frida) is only 2 inches shorter than me.

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Redhead Editor said...

Our power went out about 6 this morning. Luckily, we had a non-electric alarm clock to get us up for church. Power came back on at noon only to go back off at 5 so they could work on it. It was a hot, humid sucky day with no laundry getting done. I don't do the Laura Ingalls Wilder routine well.