Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Miracle Child

I never thought this was possible. Most days I don't really believe it. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

1) This morning, at my Bible study end of the year party, the babysitter left early and Ellie and 2-1/2 year old Trevor were left to fend for themselves while their mothers addressed postcards to every member of the church. They played together. Not parallel play - they played together. They rolled a ball back and forth. They fed each other cookies. They climbed over each other.

2) This evening during speech therapy, Ellie had a conversation with her speech therapist. "Mama!" Ellie said when I left to go to my monthly bookclub meeting. She smiled and blew me a kiss. Ellie's speech therapist - let's call her Mary - was trying to get Ellie to say, "Pop bubble."

"Eat," Ellie signed. Paul gave her a cracker. She ate it.

"Bubble pop!" said Mary.

"Eat," signed Ellie after vigorously shaking her head "no." Perhaps I should note that speech therapy falls right during dinner time and Ellie wasn't interested in her afternoon snack this afternoon so it's unsurprising that she might be hungry.

"Are we going to have to stop for some dinner?" Mary asked.

Ellie looked up at her very seriously and signed, "More."

"More what?" asked Mary.

"More Eat," signed Ellie.

3) Paul called me with some news a little later, after he and Ellie had eaten dinner. Ellie just got a new potty and we'd never used it before. She pooped on the potty tonight after dinner. Later, right before her bath, Paul put Ellie on the potty again. She peed. First two tries, two successes on the potty.

Where's that other shoe?


purple goddess said...

Wow, go Ellie!!! I remember all too well how important those milestones were. Every one of them a miracle.

none said...

Precious Ellie! Here´s a huge virtual hug from me:


There is no other shoe. Every kid is amazingly, wonderfully different. A sheer miracle in itself.

I´m so happy for you!!!

Psycho Kitty said...

Screw the other shoe, girlfriend. You just enjoy THIS shoe!!!

Orange said...

Holy crap! Your girl is doing great! She's so far ahead of where my (reasonably neurotypical) son was at that age. Communication and the potty? Excellent!

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, all. :)

One try on the potty today, and success. I knew when she was done because she clapped for herself. She *knew* that she did it! She was proud of herself!

PPB said...