Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Humorous Memories of Pregnancy

I'm starting to get excited about having another child. I want to give myself time to be in better shape first and make sure that I'm really ready and not just experiencing head trauma, so I'm scratching the itch with this new, occasionally recurrent blog series. Now, on to the first installment:

One Sunday, late in my pregnancy, Paul and I went to church. We hadn't been going a lot. Early on, I was so exhausted and loved to sleep waaaay in on Sundays. Later, I was very depressed about Ellie's diagnoses and for some reason just being in church made me want to burst into tears so I continued to sleep in most weeks.

Anyway, we were at church. Naturally, we arrived a little late and tried to slip in from the side. I aimed for an available spot that was in a pew whose entrance was partially obscured by a large stone pillar. I got stuck between the pew and the pillar because my belly was rather larger than I had allowed for. Paul thought this was hilarious.

We finally made it to our seats in time for the first hymn. It was "Come, Labor On." Paul pushed me back down onto the pew. "You sit this one out!" he said. We weren't ready for the baby just yet.

You know, I think he's funniest at church. I guess we should go more often!


none said...

That´s so funny! :)

Redhead Editor said...

17 years ago this Sunday, they played "Come Labor On" at church. The next day at 7 minutes till midnight I was holding a baby girl... 2 weeks early. I think the song works!