Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Preguntas para Portia

. . . from The Winding Sheet. (Jessica, check her out. I've "known" Portia online for a long, long time. I can't believe it never occured to me to point you two at each other before.)

1) Did you ever think about not having a baby? (And, on a related note, have you read my friend Jessica at Daughter of Opinion?)

2) Do you still game?

3) Are we placing too much emphasis on kids' self esteem? (I couldn't pass up a Christina Hoff Sommers reference.)

4) Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

5) If you came into an income of $100,000/year aside from your job(s), what would change in your life?


Jessica said...

Thanks for letting me know - I will most certainly stop by her blog.

trisha said...

I stopped by and bookmarked her. I really like her style! Thanks!