Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dude! Ranch.

There are a dozen things I should have done tonight.  Instead, I watched Wanda Sykes do stand up (thank you, Netflix View Instantly through the Wii!) and spent hours planning a vacation.

I'm not sure exactly how we'll pay for this vacation (I foresee a bit more freelance work in my near future).  But I know I'm excited about it!

Our summer plans so far include:
  • Summer school (Ellie)
  • Vacation Bible Camp (Ada)
  • Family vacation on the beach in Michigan with my family (8 adults, 4 mobile grandchildren with two more pending)
  • Swimming lessons (Ellie and Ada)
  • Some assortment of dancing and gymnastics lessons (Ellie and Ada, specifics TBD)
  • Camp K (environmentalist vacation Bible camp (Ellie and Ada)
  • Wyoming vacation!  All four of us will visit Paul's parents.  And then maybejustmaybe Paul and I will leave the girls with Nana and Grandpa and go off on our own for a couple of days.  Will it be hot springs and spa trips?  Hiking, floating, biking, horseback riding, or climbing?  I'm not sure!  But I spec'ed out trips heading north, south, east, and west from our home base; driving and flying; to B&Bs, dude ranches, and spas.  Perhaps I should have been a travel agent.  

We also plan to host a lot of friends and family at our home this summer.  And that's great fun, too.  But right now my head's about 8000 feet in the air, full of outdoor jacuzzis, yurts with composting toilets (gonna skip that one, sorry), and flipping through titles of books I plan to read.

Off to bed.


RobMonroe said...

Hooray for composting toilets! Wait, you said you were gonna skip that... never mind. :o)

Great things coming!

Sarahlynn said...

Politically, I'm all for it. Personally, um, well, I'm a bit of a . . . gee, no way I can come out of this sentence well so I'll just stop here.

My biggest question for the Wyoming trip: do we stay nearby (like right on the mountain) or venture a little further away? 100 miles? 150?

Emom said...

Yeah for Yurts! smiles.

Sarahlynn said...

Yurts are cool! Sadly, I'm not.

Anonymous said...

I was picking my kid up from preschool and trying to arrange a playdate with one of the moms, and she mentioned they couldn't do Sunday morning, because they were going to church.

So I, in all my innocence, said, "Oh, for what?"

I'm just glad they didn't mention Bible camp, or I'd have shoved -both- feet in my mouth.

Sarahlynn said...

Snort. Vacation Bible Camp isn't exactly what it sounds like. I mean, it's not the movie SAVED or anything. It's fun.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, it's very cheap and provides me with free mornings to write.