Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ellie Is a First Grader!

This week clobbered us a bit with end-of-year busyness - including gift procurement. We make end-of-term gifts for the girls' teachers and helpers.  Since the number of gifts is usually  between one and two dozen, economics are a factor in our decision about what to make, as is time.  This year we wanted to do something the girls could help with (ruling out hot wax) and slightly healthy if food-related.

From a book of such ideas, we decided on dipped strawberries that were supposed to look like balloons against a blue sky (photo at left).

The instructions made this look very easy. I've melted candy and dipped foods into it before (pretzels, crackers, etc.). We had containers, foam, food coloring, and wooden kabob skewers. All we needed were the strawberries! Couldn't be easier, right?

The girls loved the idea. They loved helping. Ada helped me wrap the foam and push it into the containers. Both girls helped dip strawberries and sampled the chocolate. But there were some hang-ups.
  1. It turns out that liquid (including food coloring) ruins candy coating and powdered food coloring isn't readily available at the 11th hour.
  2. And produce stand strawberries aren't necessarily as long lasting and resilient as store-bought giant monstrosiberries.
  3. Also, as with all such projects, tiny time-sucks like hot gluing fluffy clouds and tying tiny ribbons kept Paul and me up past 2:00 am.
So there were a couple extra trips to the store and some modifications to the design. Results:

Hopefully they tasted good.


RobMonroe said...

I think they are perfect!

You're right about the strawberries, though. We bought two pints last Saturday that were completely done on Wednesday. The others usually give us ten days or so.

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, Rob. :-) Local berries are hard to find, and when found often need to be eaten the same day. In related news, I heard that strawberries are excellent at retaining pesticides even when thoroughly washed. Fabulous!