Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tonight, Two Quick Rants

First, A SUDDEN COUNTRY by Karen Fisher.  I'm reading this for one of my book clubs and I'm not too glad about that.  In fact, I've been rather cranky in general for the last few days.  (Checking calendar. Well, surely this is at least partly the fault of the book.)  Obviously, I can't put the darned thing down and have been neglecting much of the rest of my life in order to stumble headlong through the story.  And to think I thought I'd never read Madame Bovary again!  Set her on the Oregon Trail and bob's yer uncle.

Second, there's the matter of personal interests.  I've noticed that runners like to talk about their sport: routes, distances, times, goals.  This is unsurprisingly.  Even in such a solitary sport, surely some need for connection or acknowledgment is likely to occur.  But my eyes generally role back in my head when my husband wants to go over his runs in excruciating detail.  (Conversely, I'm sure he find my running anecdotes fascinating. "And then, I smelled BBQ smoke!")

I'm coming the long way 'round on this one but am almost to my point.  It's Hollywood, you see.

Lots of our movies and television shows are made (developed, produced, filmed, set, whatever) in southern California.  And it's true that a lot of people live in L.A.  I don't.  In fact, over 280,000,000 Americans don't even live in SoCal!  (And that's not getting into the rest of the world similarly consuming our programming.)  I'm sure that there are quite a few Los Anglophiles out here in the wilds.

But maybe some of the rest are like me: not particularly interested in your city.  There, I said it.  I have nothing much against L.A., I'm just tired of seeing it all the time on so many different TV shows and movies.  So, now: Law & Order - Los Angeles?  Really?  Sigh.


RobMonroe said...

I do get giddy when I see a movie or TV show filmed around DC, until I realize that 80% of them are blow-up-the-White-House movies. Oh well. I think there is a bit of a movement to get the settings out of SoCal.

Anny feels the same way when I talk to her about blogging as you do about running, me thinks. :o(

Sarahlynn said...

Oh, yeah. Any anecdote that begins with "on this blog I read" or "my Facebook friend ..." is sure to provoke derision from many quarters!

Kim, Too said...

I'm so sad that the original Law & Order will be gone. :-( Boo!

Sarahlynn said...

Me, too! Less craziness in personal drama and more focus on the mystery. Plus I really like the current cast.

flatflo said...

I love the law & orders and have seen most of the regular & svu with a few criminal intents thrown in. My gripe is that the show had already filmed the season finale scheduled for next week when the end of the series was announced. Therefore no closure at all, and probably no crowing quip to take us to the final curtain. I miss Jerry Orbach!

Sarahlynn said...

Oh, yeah, Orbach was fabulous.

In a way the ending-without-a-big-ending thing is fitting, though, isn't it? Law & Order will go on in NYC, regardless of whether or not our window into it has closed, just as the show was never really much about any of the characters?

Besides, the show might not be fully dead as I understand it; it might resurrect on cable like both SVU and CI. :-) (I love CI and am still watching even though the awesome Vincent D'Onofrio is gone.)