Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight's blogging is pre-empted by IEP preparation.

8:00 am meeting tomorrow.  Is that even morning time?


IEP tips for parents:
  1. Bring your child when practical. Our girls are very good at these meetings and Ellie's presence helps keep the team focused on the child rather than the diagnosis or scores.  (Before Ellie was old enough to attend I brought pictures.)
  2. Bring food for the whole team.  It's not a bribe, but it sets a nice mood.
  3. Come prepared with thoughts and questions about things like how the child did against her current goals, what sorts of goals are practical for the next year, and what are typical grade level expectations for the same time frame (if applicable).
  4. Don't be reluctant to share any concern you have.  Often you're not the first to have a particular question, complaint, or worry.
  5. Relax. It can be fun! These meetings are rarely adversarial . . . or at least they don't need to be . . . 
  6. But at the same time be firm when you need to be. You are your child's advocate and while you're not at school with your child all day (probably) you do know your child best.
Just my two cents.  I've been to about 8 of these school district IEP Meetings for Ellie, but I'm hardly an expert yet.  I've got about 12 more years to practice!

IEP for people who have no idea what I mean: Individualized Education Plan.


RobMonroe said...

Will be thinking of you today - but more because it's so "early" than anything else! :o)

Have a great day!

elissa said...

As someone who is often at these meetings from the other side of the conference table, so to speak, these are great tips! (I'm the gen. ed. teacher at the meeting, trying to be useful!) Thanks!

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, we were on time, prepared, and indeed it went well. As always!

Elissa, I'm glad! Thanks.