Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paint with All the Colors of the Wind

Ranken Jordan Children's Rehab Hospital does great work with therapies for kids. And they just offered their first ever special needs ballet class. Ellie - currently obsessed with Angelina Ballerina - thought it was the best thing ever.


RobMonroe said...

Love her special outfit for dancing! Abby will be very jealous! :o)

Sarahlynn said...

I saw it at Target and couldn't resist. When I gave it to her, I was so glad I followed my impulse. Unlike Ada, Ellie doesn't ask for a lot of stuff and it's harder to know what will really click with her, but she loves her dancing clothes. :-)

Emom said...

Oh my this looks like a ton of fun....glad that you have shared this...smiles.

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