Monday, June 28, 2010

Long Cut

Last summer my sister-in-law donated 13 inches of hair to Locks of Love and she looked great.

While my in-laws were here visiting shortly thereafter, I took advantage of the free babysitting to schedule things like my annual well-woman visit and my annual haircut.

"How much are you going to have them cut off?" my father-in-law asked, thinking I was going to do something dramatic like Paul's sister just did.

"Actually, I'm planning to ask if she can cut my hair to be 6 inches longer," I said. The last little bit of hair growth, like the last little bit of weight loss, always seems to take the longest.

I came home after my haircut and my mother-in-law looked puzzled. "It actually is longer!" she said.

And it was!

But I didn't get extensions. The stylist just blew it out straight rather than curly.

That was so much fun I decided to treat myself to more than annual haircuts over the past year. In fact, I think I decided that once every 3 months would be nice. I've made it twice since then. Alas. Something always comes up that seems a more compelling addition to the budget than my vanity.

Still, I'm currently reduced to wearing constant ponytails, so I think I really will try to sneak in a hair cut later this summer. Maybe next month, when the in-laws are here. How on earth do other women find the time and money for bi-monthly hair cuts and colorings?

I need to figure that out, because seeing pictures like this one remind me that my hair is not, presently, acceptable.


St. Inuksuk said...

I get my haircut about every 5 weeks or so because it get so wild, long, curly and frizzy. Since it's a basic haircutting place, no fancy salon, I walk in and sometimes have to wait a bit. I go on my day off inbetween all my errands and grocery shopping.
I color my hair myself because I'm not ready to be totally white and gray yet. Had to change hair color because the box stuff didn't cover the gray well enough anymore. I get my color at Sally Beauty Supply and it may cost a couple bucks more than the box, but isn't any more complicated. It works for me.
Now if I could just make time to schedule that colonoscopy and dermotologist!!!!

Sarahlynn said...

St. Inuksuk, I hear your wild, curly, and FRIZZY! And I've often been a Great Clips girl, myself. But my last cheap haircut experience was so very very bad - the stylist gave me a cut I hated against my explicit wishes and very clear instructions - that I've been trying to go to nicer salons ever since.

Seriously, I asked for a simple, straight trim. No layers. Just above the shoulders. Note all my natural curl/wave? When dry, I still want the hair to hit below my chin. She used clippers in the back. Clippers! I was aghast. My hair sprang up to my cheekbones when dry. The stylist was very pleased with her work and kept calling my triangular puff of hair a "trendy bob."

I've never had my hair colored, but I probably will soon b/c I'm not ready to go white yet, either.

I'm also procrastinating on my colonoscopy and dermatologist. I'm really good at procrastinating. My doc told me I could wait a couple more years on a mammogram, though, so I'm officially no longer procrastinating on that one.