Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Television

If you're reading along you've heard a lot about my writing and working and running and politics. But you might have forgotten that I'm a sedentary starch. Here's a reminder.

My Facebook profile says that my favorite television programs are The Vicar of Dibley and In Treatment (both on DVD). Those are two of the most brilliantly conceived and written shows I've ever seen. In general, I love the well-rounded characters, the well-constructed plots, the beautifully crafted dialogue. I'm all about scripted dramas.

But in the summer, in the summer my tastes take a dramatic turn. Or, rather, a not-so-dramatic turn. And suddenly I'm all about a certain type of "reality" television.
But as much fun as we have watching people's humiliations and triumphs, my favorite TV night of the summer week is still the one where I get to watch Lie to Me.

Well done, writers, actors, producers. Well done.

What're you watching?


RobMonroe said...

I introduced Jim and Carol to Wipeout last night. Good times. We really like AGT and I love Last Comic Standing, too. :o) We watch mostly trash TV during the summer. Have started watching Bones reruns this year, that seems to be quality, too.

Sarahlynn said...

Jim's been trying to get us to watch Bones, too. Never heard of Wipeout, though!

Carmie said...

We've become strangely addicted to SYTYCD. Like Idol, though, gotta DVR it and fast forward thru the boring parts!

Royal Pains is a good summer show...I think it is on USA. But you're right, there's not a lot to choose from in the summer!

Sarahlynn said...

Agreed about the DVR! What those dancers can do with their bodies is amazing. And it's hilarious to watch Ada imitating some of their moves.

The previews for Royal Pains are compelling (we watch In Plain Sight and Law & Order: CI on USA) but I've been reluctant to take on another show. My husband is excited about next week's resumption of Warehouse 13.