Monday, June 07, 2010

Long Haul

We're nearing the summer road tripping season so I thought I'd share a little snippet I wrote in the car last winter:

Picture our journey north to my parents' house for Christmas. Paul drives, prominent jaw jutting out, teeth clenched from exhaustion and the stress of driving in the rain. The girls have a DVD of their own choosing playing on our "in car entertainment system." Since they refuse headphones, this renders the stereo useless for those of us in the front seats.

So Paul's listening to the new "Wheel of Time" novel on his iPod. Ada's watching the movie, periodically demanding my attention so that she can talk to me about Tinkerbell. Ellie's over-excited and a bit whiny. I'm reading picture books aloud, passing back various toys, and generally trying to encourage her to relax.

I'm also trying to finish knitting my sister's Christmas legwarmers and am quickly becoming miserable, snapping at the children. Multitasking: epic fail.

My iPod isn't working. Then I remember: I have a laptop! Car lighter-charger isn't working. No worries. I have a good two hours of regeneration right here. Ear clip/bud thingie inserted, music on, volume UP UP UP UP. What whining children?

Knitting joy.

Satellite dish in my eye tell me more tell me more.


RobMonroe said...

Should I look for speakers for the van again this year before the Iowa drive? At least they can face the back and the front seats would have some quiet. I think I even have an extra pair sitting around, come to think of it... :o)

Sarahlynn said...

I think we have some, too. Thanks!