Thursday, April 01, 2010

Being a Stay/Work at Home Mom

The Good:

This morning I played with my girls while we leisurely got dressed and listened to books on CD. We're all in comfortable, casual clothes. No make-up, no fancy hair styles, just everyday casual plus extra relaxed.

Then I walked Ellie to her bus, waved as she left, packed lunch with Ada, and drove my little one to preschool.

After getting her settled, I headed outside. The weather here this morning is sunny and lightly breezy with temperatures in the upper 60's. I took a brisk 3 mile walk before heading home.

And now I can . . . work, write, clean, or relax. The next few hours are all mine!

The Less Good:

Instead of going to bed when my eyes threatened to close last night, I was up finishing a freelance project on deadline.

That's such a minor complaint, though. I have the freedom and flexibility to work from home as my schedule allows. I get to make money and be home during the day. And I'm a night owl, anyway.

Also, it's sunny, warm, and spring! I feel very fortunate today.


Jessica said...

I would have given anything to have joined you on that walk's gorgeous!

RobMonroe said...

Fortunate indeed. That's so awesome.

(Even your "less good" is better than my stuck-in-an-office-with-no-windows-on-the-most-beautiful-day-of-2010-so-far day!)

Sarahlynn said...

Jessica, next time you have a day off . . .

Rob, I know it!

Krupskaya said...

I know this song! There are times when I'm trying to meet a deadline and I think, geez, why didn't I get this done earlier in the week instead of (cleaning, Facebooking, hanging out with the kids, exercising, reading, writing)...and then I think, oh wait, all of this is my own doing, for better and for worse. And then I'm grateful all over again -- grateful even for my bad time management.