Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doing Our Part

In 2008 our household loaned the federal government a fair amount of money for 0% interest. Yay, us!

It went so well that we decided to do the same again in 2009. Super yay for our accountant!

In other words, we're hoping for a nice tax refund this year. If, theoretically, we dropped off our files and signed documents at our accountant's office in early March, when are we likely to hear back from him?

I don't want to be a nagging jerk during the busiest season of the year. But I am working on this year's vacation plans, so I'm . . . curious.

Is it rude to follow up before April 15th?

Edited to add: our accountant emailed last night with good news. Woo hoo! So glad we put in that energy efficient window.

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