Monday, March 08, 2010

The Thought That Counts?

Recently I spent time with a cute little girl, a classmate of my daughter's. She told me how she prefers spending time with one grandmother over the other because one does whatever she says and gives her whatever she wants. She also told me all about her brand-name stuff, the movies she gets to see in the theater, and the restaurants she enjoys. She then attempted to boss me around. "Whew, that child is spoiled!" I thought.

The next day, Ada started pleading with us to take her to Walt Disney World. (And she always calls it "Walt Disney World," no cutesy nicknames for her.) When I explained that it would be a while before we take another trip to Cinderella's castle, she said, "Sometimes Ellie and Mommy and Daddy go to Walt Disney World. Not Ada."

In other words, you never take me! I never get to go!

"Ellie, Mommy, Daddy, and Ada all went to Disney World together when you were one and Ellie was five," I remind Ada, who's now three. "A little more than a year ago."

"You take me again," she replies, confident.

"When you're four." Daddy's almost visibly doing math in his head as he promises.

"Five, I amend."

Well, hello, kettle! Nice to meet you. I'm pot.


Susan O said...

Selam has started the "you never" thing. I don't know where she learned it from but I HATE it.So far it's for stupid stuff, like plsy-dough while I'm cooking dinner, but it's so irritating. Maybe it's a 3 thing?

LOL on the assumption that she NEVER gets to go. Like Disney is around hte corner and you and Ellie stop by after school and leave her at home!

Sarahlynn said...

It is irritating! (And my mom was right. So far three is, behaviorally, harder than two.)

Ada does sort of have a point, though. We have old pictures playing as a screen saver on our family computer, and the program occasionally pulls from the TWO trips to Disney we made before Ada was born (in conjunction with Paul's business trips down there).

Yet somehow these excesses never spoiled Ellie. :-)