Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's That on the Door?

I don't remember if it was my mother or my sister who gave my daughters this particular present. So I'll simply address my note to...

My dear family,

I appreciate your generosity in giving my children a set of window markers. But I've gotta say, they've wreaked a bit of havoc around here. For one thing, they tamper with the whole "We only write on paper!" lesson I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to enforce.

And I've discovered that no matter how thoroughly I scrub the windows after we use the markers, the glass still looks streaky.

But not cleaning the windows is even worse. As it happens, after a few weeks any color from the markers fades to brown so that it looks like the girls smeared our windows with, well, see for yourself:

So, again, thanks. But no more, please.



Anne said...

We had some of those, strangely enough the caps were left off and they dried up.

Sarahlynn said...

Oh, wouldn't it just be so sad if that happened here. Hmmm.

RobMonroe said...

No me! We have bath crayons that we take far away after bath time - but we don't have a climber.

I hear markers dry up fast (tee hee) - perhaps two lessons at once? Markers only on paper and leave the caps on your markers? :o)

Cate said...

oh yeah, those things NEVER come off. it's too bad, because they're fun and the kids love them...but we're not getting them again.

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, don't get me started on bath crayons!

Cate, don't they look like such a good idea? I thought for sure they'd wipe off with a dry cloth. Or a wet one. Or a piece of newsprint and lots of Windex. But . . . no.