Monday, April 26, 2010

100% Chance of Rain

When I was a kid, we did a cool musical in church one year.  It was called 100% Chance of Rain and told the story of - you guessed it - Noah and the Ark.

Yesterday, the kindergartners through middle schoolers at our church performed the same show.  And I cried.

My reaction was partly nostalgia.  But it was also a different, newer kind of sadness.  Because I should have had a child up there singing the songs I sang as a kid.  Instead, my kindergartner sat beside me, wriggling on her daddy's lap.  She started out the year in choir last fall, but just wasn't ready.

The choir director was happy to include Ellie; the decision for her to sit out was ours.  Or, more accurately, Ellie's.  I insisted that Ellie and I attend the kindergarten through second grade Cherubs choir all fall semester, but Ellie struggled.  She really wanted to spend another year in preschool MusikGarten.  So I agreed and she, Ada, and I have had a wonderful time together with our friends in MusikGarten this spring.

I love my kid.  I cherish the way she enjoys music and I melt with happiness when she glows at MusikGarten.  I know we made the right decision for her.  But it's still hard, sometimes, seeing the differences in what our lives are, what Ellie's struggles are, from what I expected them to be.

Mostly, things are good. Really good. But it's still hard sometimes, too.

I'm bummed that I couldn't find a recording of my favorite song from the show, "Follow the Instructions," but here's some other church's kids singing "The Admirable Admiral."

And here's a different version of the whole show. "Follow the Instructions" shows up at about 16:15 into the 33 minute performance.


Orange said...

Arc as in the shape of the rainbow?

Sarahlynn said...

Hah! No, "Arc" as in I tossed up this post way too late last night without proofreading. Thanks for catching that. Oops.

RobMonroe said...

I have never heard of the play, but it sounds fun!

I appreciate your parenting style of letting Ellie be the catalyst for whether or not she participates.

Sarahlynn said...

It's such a tough balance for us. We want her to be happy and not completely overwhelmed. Yet she really does need to be pushed a little bit sometimes or else she stays well within her comfort zone and misses the rewards of stretching out and learning new things (many of which she later loves).

And we really *don't* want to teach her that she can just quit activities in the middle, especially by behaving badly to get out of "non preferred activities."

So. A balancing act!