Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter in Wyoming

Ada is such a fabulous crib sleeper; I have no desire to mess with that. In other words, she has little real bed experience and this wasn't as good an idea as it looks. (My girls really like their lambs. Especially Ada, who calls her favorite, pictured here, "Yellow Baa.")

We all loved going up on the "Big Mountain!"

But the backyard swings were also a great hit.

Seeing family was fabulous, but for Ada, Easter was a huge deal. Not so much the Risen Lord as the gorgeous dress, awesome hat, sparkly shoes, paper butterflies (at church), and nifty plastic eggs. She could not get enough of any of that stuff and never wanted to take off any of her apparel for any reason. It's hard to nap in an Easter hat, though. ("I boootiful! Yee-haw!") Ellie was less into it, but was still a good sport.

And we all like roadtripping.
(Note how little room for Daddy in Ellie's hotel bed. He'd have been better off in the armchair. I'd have been better off in the other bed if Ada had been in a crib, but that was not going to happen.)

Thanks for the wonderful vacation, Nana and Grandpa!


RobMonroe said...

Trip was awesome. You got some great pics that I'm going to have to steal now... :o)

This weekend will no doubt be a letdown compared to last weekend, no matter what we do. Oh well.

Sarahlynn said...

Yes, it was! And we did get some FABULOUS shots of Abby (not hard to do, given the subject matter) which I trust you found on Picasa. I just decided to focus on my girls for this week's Friday Photoblogging in the interest of actually getting to bed last night!

This weekend is so busy I doubt we'll see our house. In that particular, it will be like last weekend. But it will be far less relaxing!

flatflo said...

The picture of Ada is absolutely frame-able! Though she is not smiling exactly, you can feel the joy she is experiencing, right through her eyes.

That is one of those shots that will come out for her high school yearbook, wedding slideshow and all the other times you want an "awwwww" from a crowd.

Barrie said...

Glad to see you had a wonderful Easter! Great photos!

Sarahlynn said...

Flatflo, thank you! This was post-nap, and I think captures Ada's joy at being reunited with her hat. :)

Barrie, thank you! I can't take credit for the good shots, but I will, anyway. Hope your Easter was just as fabulous.