Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wii Update

Those of you who read Yeah, But Houdini Didn't Have These Hips via feed might be confused tonight. I've been scanning my "edit posts" page and finding some old "drafts" I thought I'd published months ago. For example, you might have just seen a post come through about Ada learning to walk, which seems so long ago to me that it must have been in a different lifetime, or at least a different year.

Now my younger daughter tells me, "I want down! I walk!" more often than she says, "Up up up!" like she did so often only a few months ago. Ah, Ada. Wasn't I just worried that she'd never be able to separate from me?

Anyway, this post is about my Nintendo Wii, which I confess to not having played in many months. Like, maybe since January or so. I still think it's a great platform, and if I had, say, no children, I'd probably play it more. And if I had a large, uncarpeted or thinner-carpeted area in front of the TV, I'd definitely want WiiFit.

The rest of this post was written on my birthday last September (Paul gave me my present a couple of weeks early).

So far, my favorite game on the Nintendo Wii is Super Paper Mario because, perhaps, I'm about 10 years old when it comes to my gaming preferences. I loved the editorial comment made by one of the Sammer Guys about how brightly colorful games are childish and "next generation" games must be monochromatic. One of my favorite things about this game in particular - and Nintendo in general over other gaming platforms - is the brightly colored palette. The "mature" color scheme of the new Zelda is keeping me from wanting to even begin.

But my favorite things to do with the Wii are playing the with Miis (I've designed my whole family, and will post them here if I can figure out how to do that) and watching other people play Wii Sports. Witness:

This fall I've hosted a couple of Girls Wii Nights, and while we talk much more than we play, they are still fun. I am unashamed at being a nonserious gamer. I always have been, even when I played Quake 2 and Duke Nukem 3D with my guy friends in college.

One of the weirdest things about the Wii is the creepy blue light summons. Even when the unit is off, it flashes a cool blue light to draw your attention if it has something it deems important enough to trouble you for. Kind of . . . intrusive, actually.

2008 me again. I remember being so excited about my Wii, but like it's a story I heard from someone else. That was even longer ago than Ada wanting to be carried rather than running and falling constantly. This is the best argument I have for blogging. How else could I so easily record all this stuff in a way that's easy to tag and search? With my new swiss cheese memory, tagging and searching are just about the only way I "remember" anything.


Rob Monroe said...

Not sure I should tell you this, mostly from a budget perspective.... WiiFit works on carpet. :o) Even, for example, a very thick maroon carpet from Ikea. I would assume that it would translate the same on your carpet.

That being said, I know of a family that lives in Maryland but is coming to visit you later this summer that has WiiFit. They will now plan to bring it with them.

Kristi said...

Google reader isn't showing any extra posts? Maybe it's tracking things by date, I don't know.

I'm with you on the "if I had no kids" problem with games...I enjoy Dance Dance Revolution (xbox), but playing it involves clearing a large spot on the the floor of toys, and then keeping kiddos from playing on the mat. After bedtime isn't any better when the game requires sound and you have a light sleeper.

The Wii fit does look intriguing, but with all of the issues you already mentioned.

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, I'm still a little sceptical about the functionality because under our thick carpet we have a very thick pad, but I WELCOME the chance to try it out and see! Now they just need to release the rest of the previously advertised features, like cardio kickboxing!

Kristi, ahh, children. I'm tempted to quote Wanda Sykes, here, but that's just the the day I had today.