Monday, June 23, 2008

Rollin' Down the River

We don't live near the river, any river, so the current flooding isn't affecting us directly. But we do enjoy watching the high water, so we headed downtown last week before leaving for Chicago. We had a lovely drive over the Poplar Street Bridge, through East St. Louis, and back over the MLK bridge, past the new Lumière Place, through The Landing, and as close to The Arch as we could get via the roads (which wasn't very close). Of course, we forgot our camera.

As the river got closer to cresting here, we crossed the Mississippi again on Sunday afternoon. This time, I stuck my right arm out the window and took a few pictures:

Looking north, showing the east (Illinois) bank. Um, the water isn't supposed to come right up to the railroad tracks like that. And this is the Mighty Mississippi; it's deep and it's fast and it's huge.

Looking west at Missouri. Here's a shot of downtown St. Louis. There's supposed to be a road and a parking lot between those steps in front of the arch and the water.

Here are the road and parking lot.

The flood is very impressive here in the city, but it's not nearly as big as the great flood of 1993, which, incidentally, was when I moved to St. Louis. 15 years ago. Little wow.

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