Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friday Photo Blogging

We've been at the pool every day this week so far. Ada has swimming lessons 4 mornings a week for 2 weeks, and we've made that into a whole morning's entertainment. Twice a week, Ellie is in summer school and I go river walking against the current in the lazy river after Ada's lesson, with the baby serving as extra resistance/arm toning. The other two mornings, Ellie waits nicely on the pool deck, then we break for snack, then all play together in the water for a while before heading home for lunch.

This morning, something unpleasant happened to me during the break portion of the morning swim session. An old man asked if my girls were my grandchildren. Seriously! Ellie is 4-1/2 and I am 33! I suppose that if I'd gotten pregnant at 14 and my fictional daughter had done the same, it would be possible. Hardly likely, but possible. Sheesh.

Moving away from that and back to the pretty pictures of young girls not aged beyond their years by motherhood.

Hats and rash guards (and, yes, that is a freakishly large pool bag)

Ada starts out shy of the water, but warms up after a while:

Stop. Shower Time!


Kay Olson said...

That IS a freakishly large bag. You could tote both the kids and Paul around in that.

Very cute pix.

Rob Monroe said...

I promise that you do not look old enough to be their grandmother. I think you were being hit on.

My mother was a young mother (yay for HUGE accidents!) and still does not look like a grandmother.

With my rationale, consider it a compliment that he was trying to pick you up. He's just bad at it.

Angela said...

I recently heard that a girl from my high school graduating class is now a grandmother. Apparently, she had her first at 19, and then her daughter gave birth at 15. Get this. The great grandma is still in her 50s, because she gave birth in her teens, too! If they keep this ball rolling, they could have eight living generations! Time to call Ripley!

Kathy G said...

That old man obviously needs glasses!

Anonymous said...

And I love pool bags big enough to carry the kids home in!

Sarahlynn said...

Kay, that would be heavy. I'm not saying that I couldn't do it, but it would be very, very heavy.

Thank you, Rob. : )

Angela, that has got to age you. Even just thinking about being a Grandma kind of makes me want to take a nap.

Thanks, Kathy and PPB. I like them too. It's a lot nicer carting one giant thing around than keeping track of 42 smaller things. : )

Tracey said...

Oh come on, you are CLEARLY not grandma age thank you so much!

I have wanted to do the Riverwalk thing, but can't manage to add it to my constantly growing list of things I'm doing. We did swim lessons there last year, this time we're doing the Y.