Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Western Wedding, in pictures

Paul's best friend from high school got married last weekend in Dodge City, Kansas. I figure if you're going to get married in Dodge City, you've got to do it right. And they did. The western-themed wedding was so fun, it made up for the 10 hour drive. It did not make up for the long, long night in the hotel with the puking and the diarrhea and the threats to move us to a different room at 2:30 in the morning because our quiet walking was making the floorboards creak occasionally, disturbing the hyper-sensitive hotel guest below us. Seriously, he said he couldn't hear any crying or other noises, just the floorboards creaking. And he complained twice. Anyway, not much could make up for that night, not even peanut butter M&Ms. But the wedding was a blast anyway. Here is is, in pictures:

The reception site was an actual rodeo. We ate in a barn-like room, one wall of which was Plexiglas looking out at the rodeo arena. These were not clean, fancy digs:

Here are Ellie and Paul 3 short hours before the viper-strike flu attacked. Yes, they are standing in front of a display of many different kinds of barbed wire.

The cake:

Here's the 4-year-old who adopted Ellie for the evening, and is probably puking her guts out somewhere right now:

This is right behind the gift table:

Cowboys for bartenders, the buffet in an old wagon, horseshoes for centerpieces, they went the whole nine yards.


none said...

The came looks so delicious! YUM!

none said...

The cake looks so delicious! YUM!

Jessica said...

How fun - and you made good on your promise to bring back pictures!

Moreena said...

Tried commenting earlier, but was under the Blogger Commenting Curse, which we all know about.

Anyway, that looks like one outrageous wedding. That's the way to do it--just go silly crazy and have fun, or else do the completely low-key thing that my husband and I did.

Glad to hear that it wasn't Rota, but it still sounds incredibly unpleasant anyway. Hope everyone' GI tract is back to normal!

PPB said...

...........oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, and the waving wheat.....

Sorry, it's just what came to mind. That and your daughter is beautiful. Hope she's feeling better.