Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sleep Diet

Ellie's on another of her sleep diets. It will be so nice when she can talk to me about how she feels so that I don't have to guess. But periodically she has these times where she just doesn't seem to want or need to sleep. Last night, though we tried every trick in the book, she simply wouldn't go to sleep before midnight. Paul got a work phone call shortly before 5:00 this morning and that woke Ellie up. She stayed up all day, except for a one-hour nap in the morning. The one hour was during church, of course, so we missed the Palm Sunday service to catch some much-needed rest ourselves.

Well, I got some rest. Paul watched Battlestar Gallactica or Futurama or some other Tivo'ed (sorry, Trisha) geek TV and now he's tired and snappish. Go figure.


trisha said...

Lol! I certainly don't mind if you use TiVo as a verb. TiVo minds, though.

Sorry ;bout the lack of sleep. I am there, too. We should chat on the phone or something.

Natan said...

It is time for me to take back controll of my body. Thanks for the post.