Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Last year

The "what's the first sentence of each month for the last year" meme, from Delany via Frog:

June 2004: People keep telling me that it's "interesting" to hear my perspective on choice, given my situation.

July 2004: I don't know how to describe what it feels like to love your child.

August 2004: About 3:00 this morning, I started hearing a racket from the nursery.

September 2004: When asked if they want to have a boy or a girl, "good" people respond, "I don't care, as long as the baby is healthy."

October 2004: My first car: The fall of my senior year of college, my father acquired a car for me from a friend of his whose mother could no longer drive.

November 2004: That's it.

December 2004: The American Red Cross has figured out that if they call me on a Sunday afternoon, I'll probably be home.

Huh. Less interesting than I thought.


trisha said...

Actually, it makes me want to read more of you.

chasmyn said...

A dear friend came to me and said, "I found the blog of a woman in St. Louis (where she currently lives and I am from) who has a daughter with a heart defect." And I had to come and read your blog, because my son had a very severe heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We went to Cardinal Glennon for his amazing care. He died in June of 2003 - he also had a leaky valve, and his heart just couldn't support him anymore.

I also grew up with a beautiful, phenomenal girl who was so very much like a little sister to me, and she had Down's syndrome. Has, actually. She's I think 26 now and she lives with her parents and her younger brother. She is a remarkable girl, so sweet and such a great artist!

I am leaving a comment with a brief history of how I relate to you because I linked to your blog on my site and I always forget to tell people when I link to them, a habit I am trying to break myself of.

So hi. my blog is here: http://purplegoddessinfrogpyjamas.net

I hope it's okay that I linked you.