Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Da da?

Ellie is at that stage where everyone is da da. I left the room to get something from the nursery. "Da da?"

The contractor came up from the basement and went out to get something from his car. "Da da?" (uh oh)

Well, everything but bubbles. Bubbles are "buh buh," of course. I'm sure I'll be a cool as bubbles someday.


kialio.net said...

I think that should have been your New Year's Resolution. To be cooler than bubbles.

trisha said...

Hrm. While I have no doubt you are cool, extremely cool, cooler than bubbles? Tall order.

You absolutely are the coolest noun in your daughter's life right now. And probably forever.

Sarahlynn said...

Jeremy, hah! I didn't know which Jeremy was posting here and Paul got all jealous, thinking it was my ex. That got me curious, so I googled him, and now I know that he is a M.D. living in Michigan, and got married in Italy last summer. I think Paul was happier when he didn't know. ;)

Trisha, yeah, I'm hoping that one of the blessings of the Down syndrome will be that Ellie's always this sweet and loving. I know it's unlikely, she's already a pretty independent gal - sometimes I get down on the floor to play with her and she turns her back to me! - but it's the little lies I tell myself that make this mothering stuff easier.