Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Make a Living

In order to finish my freelance project on budget, I need to complete about 2 chapters an hour. No biggie, right? I'm mostly just updating page numbers from one edition to the next. Except - HOLY CRAP - some of the chapters are long. With tons of new information to research. Gulp. I just finished a single chapter that took me 3 HOURS. Not that I'm stressed out or anything.

So that's why I'm not blogging this week. Wait.


RobMonroe said...

Go, Sarahlynn, GO!!

Barrie said...

You can do it!

Sarahlynn said...

I meant "wait" like, "Wait, I AM blogging. Right now, and I shouldn't be. Goodbye!"

But in hindsight I realize it looks like I'm instructing people to "wait" to hear from me.

Which is just obnoxious.

Nancy said...

I didn't read it like that, Sarahlynn. I very clearly read "Wait" as in "What am I doing??"

Sarahlynn said...

Good. :)