Friday, October 09, 2009


Operation Homemade Gifts is off to a mixed start.

I began simply, with knit hats for a newborn and a one-year-old, both boys. There's some concern that one of the hats isn't "butch" enough for its recipient. (Not my judgment. I picked the yarn thinking it was fine.) Thoughts?

Many thanks to my pumpkin models. I will soon show my appreciation by making you into tasty bread.

Gift number three, well, wasn't quite as homemade as the others. But someday I'll be giving homemade books!

Currently in progress: a tiny teddy bear. Hopefully it will turn out slightly less creepy than my last attempt:


RobMonroe said...

Can we not force the term "butch" onto a child small enough to fit into either of those hats??!! The goal of a hat is to keep a child's head warm, not to define how well they would do fighting against a zombie-toddler-attack.

the dad who puts his daughter in hockey jerseys, and blue or orange or green or whatever-else-she-wants-to-be-in.

(and the hat is damned cute, too!)

Topher said...

I too think that the term "butch" should not be used for these poor one-year old boys...In fact, the hats are both adorable.

As a sidenote, I almost yelled at the proprietor of a local yarn shop because she said to us, "Yes, I've been ordering a lot of 'man colors,' because men are knitting and well, women knit for the men is their life." I wanted to respond, "What the hell is a 'man color,' because I have been known to wear baby blue (am now), and plenty of men who are masculine enough wear pinks and pastels, so go shove it."

I did not say that to her. Sorry for the tanget...

Sarahlynn said...

My thoughts exactly! And I'm very glad that two guys were the first to weigh in! (For the record, Paul wasn't worried about the butch factor, either. Though he did point out that if it was a concern, the pom pon I added at the end probably wasn't going to help matters.)

I can't imagine worrying about whether on not a baby boy is masculine enough. But who knows? If I ever have a boy I might be shocked to find myself seeking out cammo diapers.

Thanks for the compliments. Sometimes I wish I could actually knit, but then I realize that I'd be overwhelmed with too many potential projects. The number of things I can do on the looms I already own is more limited/manageable.

Orange said...

Have you seen the ill-conceived or way-out-there knitting projects on Regretsy? Like the faceless, no-ears teddy bear. Or the childbirth-education knit doll with birthable baby.

Anonymous said...

This is my gift to you:

(And my son occasionally wears fingernail polish. I'm trying to raise him to not give a shit.)

flatflo said...

I am a firm believer that a gift of a good book is a heart-made gift, if not actually a hand-made one!

Sarahlynn said...

I agree! New hardcovers don't come free, though. Sadly! It's a real trick to create a handmade gift someone can really appreciate and use, in my opinion. But trying to do so isn't worth overlooking that which someone will really appreciate. And I know my mother-in-law will enjoy the book!

Sarahlynn said...

Orange, no, I hadn't! HAH! If only those came with loom-knitting instructions. I'd be all over those projects, because horrible is a funnier present than practical!

Bingol, that's a sad, sad story. Wow. Grow up, people!