Sunday, October 18, 2009

Limited Access

We're not extravagant people. We like to eat and we like to travel, but we don't own high-end electronics and we drive Hondas.

We do watch our money carefully, and we're trying to pay off ALL of our debt and increase our savings. (Unless it rains - and of course it will rain; we'll need to do home improvements or replace our cars or whatever - we'll be out of debt completely in ten years. That includes our mortgage, cars, student loans, everything.) We've carried debt for too long. Our budget is tight.

Every month I am annoyed by how much it costs to have a land line, but I'm unwilling to get rid of it. Last month we realized that we could save a lot of money if we go with one of the Charter bundles. By getting our basic cable, high speed internet access, and home phone through one package price we'll spend much less each month. Cool!

Except not really.

Because our internet connection SUCKS now. It's not just slow, oh no, we'd love slow. The connection fails every few seconds and takes forever to come back up. So we can write emails offline and just hope they have time to send in the next brief online cycle.

We've been waiting over a week for Charter to fix the problem. (It's your computer settings. No, cables? No, modem? No, it's a problem with our lines outside. And we don't go up on the poles. Another crew will have to come out later sometime within the next week.)

I am a blogger and freelance writer. I NEED MY INTERNET. Until then.


keribrary said...

Oh noes! We got Charter phones here at the library last year. It's great when it works. When it doesn't, well, you know.

Tracey said...

Switch to AT&T makes all the difference in the world. Charter SUCKS!!!!

Sarahlynn said...

Keri, yep. Sigh.

Tracey, as soon as U-verse service is available out here we'll be all over it! (Ditto satellite TV. We have "too many" trees.)

Anne said...

We got U-verse about a month ago and it rocks. Saving a bunch of money too since DH works for ATT. We had similar problems with Comcast cable 2 years ago. It would go out every time there was a heavy load, like the Super Bowl, Final 4, etc. Drove hubby nuts we had 3 different guys out who replaced various things, but never fixed it all the way. Finally, an older gentleman came out spent several hours with a multimeter checking every connection he found several that were bad from the house to the pole. Replaced them all and no more problems. Good luck.

Barrie said...

Wow! I'm very impressed with how you'll be out of debt in ten years! And, so sorry about the internet. Very frustrating.