Thursday, October 22, 2009

I was just grateful the girls were playing quietly together. (Hint: this is not the normal decor for our dining room table.)

Halloween practice (neither is her costume):


RobMonroe said...

Wow - I love the table - at least it was a manageable mess, right? They didn't pour the hot sauce on everything!

Love the idea of practicing - we might start that tonight!

flatflo said...

How cute she is!

Love the table. At yours will be cleared of the mess rather quickly (or so I infer), but my dining table is covered in a broken computer, hand tools (and my nifty new tool belt!), and power tools for use on the porch (once the weather cooperates again.)

Was I parenthetical enough, you think? And seriously, did I use infer correctly? I once heard somebody rant about that word's misuse and I have been intimidated from employing it since. :) Also, firefox word checker just told me that my attempt to say "misusage" was ill-conceived. Need more coffee...