Friday, August 14, 2009

Seasons Change

We don't have many good pictures of the girls at the pool this summer, because when they are in the water, I am too. And my husband has requested that I NOT take the new camera in with me.

Occasionally, they play at the side of the pool - solemnly bailing away - and I snap a few shots. I did so today, as it's the last day of summer at the outdoor pool! We might go back in the evening before the pool closes on Labor Day, and we'll swim indoors this winter. But our cherished summer mornings at Water Waddlers (ages 6 and under, zero entry pool, fun little water slide) are over for the year.

My girls are the only ones at the pool who wear board shorts and rash guards. And I was the only mom wearing a hat, though a few of the lifeguards and grandmas joined me. Yay for sun safety! While I prefer the outdoor pool to the indoor pool, at least I can give up sunscreen.

But moving right along from summer into fall.

It's still hot and muggy during the day, but evenings have become downright pleasant. And I noticed the darnedest thing down at the corner: leaves. I don't know what kind of tree's right there, but it's always the first to start turning. And turn it has. The leaves are going from yellow to brown and beginning to float on down to the street.

Autumn's coming!


Kathy G said...

That's downright refreshing to think about!

Sarahlynn said...

It is! It is! Yay!

(Of course, today's massive storm knocking out power for a few hours was not so refreshing.)