Friday, August 21, 2009

First Week of Kindergarten

See Monday's post for this week's photos; I added pictures of Ellie's first day of school throughout the day.

In other news, here are a few of the awesome things my girls are saying this month.

Ada still has a few of her toddler-isms, which I love:
accident - assinick
bottom - bahmum
underpants - candypants
mobile - oatmeal

Ellie has started telling me a little about her day at school.

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: Mrs. C. walked me to my bus, then the bus brought me home, then I made cookies with Mommy, then we went outside to swing. (This is all true! And in order! Very exciting. Now if we can just move it back to the parts of the day I'm most curious about . . . )


"Ellie, who sat at your table at lunch?"

No answer.

"Ellie, did you eat with Raven? Or Isabella? Grace? Harper? Hope?"

"Hope! She's my best friend!"

(I immediately ran to tell her father. Best news ever.)

I think I love Kindergarten.

Ellie, however, is undecided. She was up from 2-5 am on Sunday night, anxious about the start of school (I assume). She was excited to get on the bus each day so far this week, and has been grinning when she arrives home at the end of the day.

But Wednesday night she was up from 2-5 am again, energetically (and loudly) playing or just talking to her self/dolls/beads/whatever was handy in bed. She's clearly dealing with a lot.

But she's less exhausted than I feared she would be - she had plenty of energy for gymnastics Thursday night - and I think it's going to work out fine. I hope. I hope. I pray.


brooke said...

this is a GREAT report for the first 4 days of kindergarten! yeah ellie! i hope my nephew benny has the same kind of report next week - his first week of kindergarten.

brooke said...

oh - and if you don't think it's too weird - send ellie a high five for a great first week from a fan in utah. :)

Sarahlynn said...

Brooke, with the exception of the up-all-night glitch, I agree with you!

I will absolutely give Ellie a high-five from you!

Best of luck to Benny. :-)

Anonymous said...

Being a parent is a nightmare. Nothing like combining years of sleep deprivation with sudden jolts of existential anxiety. And don't even get me started on having to pretend to be normal all the time.

That's the parenting book I wanna write: "Pretense Parenting: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child Is Not Being Yourself."

Sarahlynn said...

I'd buy it. It sounds a little like being a writer, actually. But with far less control over your own life.