Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Purchase Order

There's no excuse for so much exhaustion this week, but I sure am feeling tired.


Are any of you bike riders? We're thinking of buying bikes and a trailer. Any recommendations? We're thinking Jamis Coda bikes (probably 2008's but j'adore the 2009 Femme) and either a used Burley trailer or something from Target (Schwinn, InStep). Do you have any good or bad experiences to share?

Wait. Less sugar/snacking, more exercise, no mornings to myself for work and renewal . . .

Maybe there is an excuse for exhaustion. But vacation's coming! And it's a first for us: a sit and relax somewhere other than home vacation. My mom arranged for us to go somewhere there's NOT much to do, other than sit on some sand. This is so weird. And so welcome. Here's hoping that the children agree. I'm taking lots of books; maybe I'll even open them. (I read constantly at home but rarely on vacation because we GOGOGOGOGO on vacation.)

(Photo is from the Down Syndrome Association of Great St. Louis Buddy Walk last weekend. Very sunny, very hot, and right in the middle of our workout.)


brooke said...

i bike. i have a dahon fold up for around town, and a great little used $20.00 ten speed i bought @ goodwill, so brands- i don't know much about at all. i'd recommend a bike that you can eventually put a trailerbike on (http://www.burley.com/products/child/piccolo.cfm) - i can't put one on my fold up bike or my 10 speed - and so anytime i wanted to take my niece out for a ride or simply go some place w/ her i'd have to use her mom's bike. as far as trailers - i'm only familiar with burley for kids. the are durable, etc.. oh, and they are a eugene company (so, i'm terribly biased).

Topher said...

I'm a huge fan of Raleigh bikes...they definitely give you the most for your money...And although some bike psychos will say no, I would suggest getting the bikes with suspension. This helps with the tooshy. Yay for biking! You're making me more motivated to keep going out every weekend in addition to commuting to work.

Sarahlynn said...

Thank you!!!