Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Not a Tie

Paul and Ada were walking out to the car after gymnastics tonight.

"I went to de store today wif Mommy. We bought you a present. It's white."

All true. Unprompted, unscripted, unexpected. She's only two! Not even two-and-a-half!

Father's Day is still over a week away, but Paul said that he can wait to find out what white present we bought for him at the store today. I wonder what other secrets Ada will be soon revealing. After a bit of consideration, I decided against teaching her the concept of "secrecy" just yet.

On an unrelated note, we participated in our neighborhood garage sale last weekend and still have a few pieces left over. I'm fine with that, as I enjoy accumulating stuff. But some stuff is too big to accumulate. While we managed to get rid of the matching chair and loveseat, we have not yet found a taker for our old spare couch. I can't imagine why.

(Note how nicely Paul staged the first shot in front of a garbage can to give it that extra je ne sais quoi.)


Orange said...

My cousin's little girl Elsie is going to be 3 in September, and she's been speaking intelligibly since she was not even 18 months old. Last fall, early in age 2, she sang "Snowman the Frosty," with that word order, from memory from the year before...when she was 15 months old at Christmas time. At 25 months, she startled her mother when pregnant mom took her to Dunkin Donuts for a bathroom break—"I want a donut." She'd never had a donut and mom and dad had no idea where she learned of their existence.

So Ada and Elsie are both precocious little alien children who make people's minds boggle.

Sarahlynn said...

Yes! You know, I think maybe a lot of kids (all kids?) have these fantastic memories and it's just the ones who have exceptional early verbal skills can share what's going on in their heads.

Both of my girls will occasionally do or say something that lets me know that they're remembering something that happened once a year or more ago. It's a little horrifying.

RobMonroe said...

Aww - what is Anny going to nap on when we come to visit next? :o)

Sarahlynn said...

The new one is MUCH more comfortable!

Stacy Nyikos said...

In "The Thirteenth Tale" there is a great line: In a house with children, there are no secrets. It's so true! Mine can't keep them, especially when presents are involved. Gotta love them for it :-)

Barrie said...

I have a Lazy Boy to get rid of. Too bad we don't live closer. We might have been able to pawn then off on someone as a mismatched set. Ha!