Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Savvy Traveler?

I've exposed my ignorance; now it's your turn.

Link courtesy of my wonderful sister and brother-in-law: The Traveler IQ Challenge

I'll show you mine if you show me yours . . .

Warning, it's a little addictive. And surprisingly educational. I don't think I'll ever misplace Malaysia again.

On a completely unrelated note, Ada learned to kiss today. "Say goodnight to Daddy, Ada."

"Mmmmmm-ah!" she says, pressing her lips - pushed together into a flat line - against his cheek. This was funny and therefore much repeated, until it became a painful experience involving her many teeth. But still: funny! adorable!

Now, go tell me how smart you were on your first trip through the geo-quiz.


Rob Monroe said...

Umm...I got 156,127 on level 6. I Traveler IQ is 90. Does not indicate what the best is, but I am choosing to believe it's 100, so I did good.

(I did not do well at all. Really good on early levels, but the last one was bbbbaaaadddd!)

Sarahlynn said...

I confess to flunking out after level 6 myself, the first time through. (After that I made a dramatic improvement - partly because they reuse clues).

I think it's measured on a traditional IQ scale, so scores in the 90's are below average but still within the "normal" range. Paul and I were both in this category our first times (93 and 91 respectively).

Orange said...

I love the Traveler IQ Challenge! I joined Facebook recently, partly so I could see how my scores stack up on the mappy thing. My peak was 608,568 points, in but not passing level 12, for a Traveler IQ of 136. That was good enough for a rank of...26,132. Dammit, I've always been good at geography! Who are these 26,000 people? I think I need to study the globe, paying special attention to Australia and assorted islands stranded in the oceans' midst.

On my first trip through, I scored 122 and didn't pass level 11. As a lifelong geography geek, I felt terrible about that!

I have to stay away from that page, though, or I'll soon blow two or three hours and neglect my kid.

Kristi said...

I scored 179,xxx, lost level 6 (27k points out of the 30k needed to get to level 7) I think I missed what the IQ score was though? Oh well.

I missed a couple of silly ones just because I misread the title--like Concepcion, Chile. For some reason, I read that as China, and had no idea why they had a city called Concepcion, let alone where it was. OOps :) I'm also woefully ignorant on anything in Africa (I can find Egypt and South Africa, and that's it...).

They ought to let you zoom in a bit on the map...their mouse pointer is bigger than some of the countries you're trying to click on!

Louise said...

Hey! Glad you like our game. You can chat about strategy and compare scores with other Traveler IQ addicts in our discussion group

at http://www.travelpod.com/forums/index.php?showforum=118

Sarahlynn said...

Orange, I am humbled!

Kristi, the secret with the small map/unweildy cursor thing is that specificity doesn't matter nearly as much as speed. Click the right region fast, and you'll get a lot more points than clicking on the exact right spot, slowly. : )

Thank you, Louise!!

Camera Obscura said...

Didn't have enough points to get into level 10 (needed 350,000 but was only at 30x,xxx). IQ of 109.

Stupid stinkin' Hubs made an IQ of 116 and couldn't go on to level 11.

I have a complaint about the size of the map. Even when I knew exactly where a place was, I wasn't hitting accurately, and islands were invisible.

Tracie said...

Argh! I spent many hours on this yesterday because I couldn't stop. I got to where I could make it to either level 10 or 11 consistently and my Traveler IQ was in the 124 range. Then my husband came home, played it once, and reached level 12 on the first try. Damn him!

But I didn't feel bad about spending all that time because, as you noted in your post, you learn a lot. I am so embarrassed that before I started playing this, I couldn't have told you which little blob on the map was *Iraq*. And I thought I was pretty good at geography.

Redhead Editor said...

Great! Now I have to go to The Betty Ford Clinic for IQ Traveler Challenge. Well, it beats being hooked on porn.