Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ada's One

In the white space between songs on one of her beloved Ralph CDs, Ada says, "The End." I took a list of more than 50 words Ada says along with me to her 12-month check-up, and she's added quite a few more words in the days since. "I've never seen a 12-month-old who's quite this verbal," the pediatrician said. Of course, Ada was showing off quite a bit, enunciating, "Doctor" clearly, when she normally says, "cah" for cat and car.

Last weekend, we drove up to my parents' house to celebrate Ada's first birthday, along with that of her cousin, Arria, who was born one day later. Arria prefers walking to crawling, a leap in preference Ada hasn't yet been willing to make consistently. Until peer pressure kicked in. Today, for her Parents as Teachers Parent Educator, Ada happily walked all over the room, talked up a storm, stacked cups, played high five, sang songs, and generally acted like a very happy, compliant, much older baby.

Not that I'm complaining.

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