Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A big Thank You to Beverly at Homeschool Image for awarding me one of Project Mommy's Excellent Blog Awards.

In turn, I pass the award on to:
  1. Peripatetic Polar Bear from The Ice Floe because of her beautiful prose and often resonant descriptions
  2. Kay Olson at The Gimp Parade because she challenges to me to see what I should be noticing and am very good at ignoring
  3. Flea from One Good Thing because she writes honestly about things that "we" just don't talk about
  4. Andrea McDowell at Beanie Baby for a combination of factors, including: subject matter, writing, and challenges to my comfort zones
  5. The PCUSA Blog, which merits the award for its amazing blogroll alone!

And these bloggers because I find myself checking in with them regularly just to see what's going on in their lives. These blogs are sometimes here's what happened today sort of blogs, but they're written in such a way that I feel like I know the author, and am usually friends with her. That's a pretty cool effect to achieve with a blog.
  1. Moreena from The Wait and the Wonder - poignant!
  2. Psycho Kitty at SBFH - I actually called her, on the phone based solely on bloggy communication. Amazing.
  3. Angela at Fluid Pudding - witty, local
  4. The Crazy Cat Woman - love the quick-to-read, daily posts that paint such a clear picture
  5. Portia at The Winding Sheet - because we shared some similar painful experiences around the same time, which helped me tremendously.

Sidenote: wow, does my whole template - most especially my blogroll - need an update! So sorry, everyone.

And on Beverly's blog, I found this most excellent quiz, for all you Tudor fans out there:

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

Congratulations! You are Katherine Parr.
Katherine Parr spent nearly her whole life married to crotchety old men: Henry was the THIRD old fart she was forced to marry. Is it any wonder she turned to books and religion to occupy her time?

Katherine wasn't just smart, she was a tiny bit uppity, too: she almost got herself thrown in jail for arguing with His Royal Fatness about some theological issues. After Henry croaked, Katherine dropped the prim and proper act and married Thomas Seymour, a handsome, dashing pirate kind of guy who was also as dumb as a post.

Which goes to show you that even bookworms know how to get it on.


Angela said...

Thanks so much! (And thanks for all of the other great links! I love finding new reads.)

Sarahlynn said...

Angela, don't thank me too quickly! I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse . . . creating the blog post with all those links took for freaking ever!

Kay Olson said...

Hey, thanks!

I am, according to the quiz, Catarina of Aragon. Also, I am not clear on what "butt bauble" is. Heh.

ccw said...

Thank you so much!

I was just moaning today that my blog seems to be on life support for lack of real content. Glad to hear that my "fluff" is enjoyed as well.

Psycho Kitty said...

You lovely woman, you. (Of course, the tragedy being that my pathetic arse didn't actually GET to the phone in time to TALK with you because I'd fallen asleep putting the Boy to bed and was drooling all over his pillow AGAIN... One of these days, eh?)

Sarahlynn said...

Kay, I have no idea! And, niether did the internets when I checked! I did find a gentle mocking of a funny wedding invitation, though.

CCW, it's not fluff! It's life.

PK, it was OK, though. The not-so-simple act of picking up the phone and calling someone for help made me feel better. I took some action. I did something. It lowered my intense feelings enough that I could breathe again for a moment. And then I called my sister and woke her up.