Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Like to Travel

We hope to have our house paid off by the time we're in our mid-40's, which should allow us an increased ability to travel. We love taking trips, and I often start planning a new one even before we've taken the next one we have planned. We're not planning a Disney World trip this year, unlike last fall and the year before that, but I still find myself on the Disney website from time to time, scoping out package prices.

Although we do lots of flying vacations now, we still enjoy the updated classic car vacation too (with the addition of car seats and DVD players). When I was a kid we too long driving vacations every summer, so it seemed natural to plop both girls into the new van (5 months old with 8 thousand miles already) and drive out to Wyoming.

When I saw this little map thingie, I had to plot all the states I've visited. I know that I missed some, particularly states in which I've spent very little time - my dad had a fondness for briefly detouring into neighboring states so that we could say that we've been there - but this is a good start . . . and a to-do list!

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Orange said...

I like the size dichotomy—huge rural states you haven't been to and teeny East Coast states you just haven't summoned up any need to see.

My map's a lot less red than yours. It doesn't help that I hate the traditional driving vacation, does it?

PPB said...

You've missed Delaware and Rhode Island? The two littlest! Just promise me you won't cut through the I-95 corridor of Delaware and count it. The real Delaware is a beach state!

I'm missing 4 states, too--but 2 of mine are really hard to get to: Hawaii and Alaska.

Sarahlynn said...

Orange, how's that possible?! Unlimited hours to indulge in sheer sunny-afternoon laziness, watching the country slide by out your car window, freedom to eat sweet or greasy road-trip food guiltlessly - road trips are the best. But I don't ever ever recommend driving all the way across Nebraska.

PPB, I bet I've been to both. My last driving vacation in the northeast was on a family vacation as a kid, and my nose would have been buried in a book and missing some of the subtlties my parents were relishing from the front seats.

I crave a trip to Alaska (work camp to Sitka!) and highly recommend a job like my last one, which sent me to Hawaii - twice.