Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adelaide's First Half Year

Tomorrow, Ada turns 7 months old. In her first six months, Ada has been busy being the most beautiful baby in the world. But somehow she has found the time to accomplish so much!

She's currently cutting her 6th tooth, with more obviously on the way. With these teeth, she really really enjoys eating solid food. And I don't just mean fruit and vegetable purees. She also really likes eating real, table foods, like chicken, ground beef, peas, green beans, and Cheerios. She scarfs this stuff down, even while staring fixedly at her older sister's pizza, obviously coveting the really good stuff still to come.

She also loves to drink water. Is it too early for this? I hope not. She will take a glass or bottle (think: Aquafina) of water, pull it to her mouth and, with a little assistance, drink. Both of my girls love water, odd little ducks.

For several weeks after returning from Scotland, my perfect little sleeper was hopelessly off schedule, but she seems to have resumed her previous sleep habits. Alleluia!

Adelaide sits independently, and can get down into a lying position without falling over. She rolls with ease, although she does still occasionally get stuck with on an errant shoulder when trying to get off her stomach. Unless she has something to brace against, she's not yet making much forward progress on her belly, though she's beginning to try. Paul says that she was "cruising" around her LeapFrog table today, but I'd definitely list that skill as "emerging."

My favorites: Ada loves to laugh and talk, and scold us when she's mad. She's also a big fan of gaming. She's proficient at handling the cloth herself during peekaboo, and yesterday she invented a variation where she hides her face on the couch, then pops up, grinning, for the big reveal. She sometimes waves when people say "Hi!" to her, and she's big into imitation, especially clapping.

She loves her big sister, who, completely typically, loves to steal her toys.

Her cousin is the same height, and more than 3 pounds heavier. Amazing!


stljoie said...

What a little doll!!

Kristi said...

What a cutie! And so many teeth! Our family's strange--we don't get teeth till late (Charlotte was 13 months..I was 14 months and Merl was around a year also). From what I remember reading, water's supposed to be fine for babies once they start eating food--we always gave Charlotte water with her meals also. Its great when they can start eating small-sized bites of table food, isn't it? Makes feeding the family together a fun experience for all. I'm looking forward to those days again when I'm not breastfeeding at the table or on the couch while everyone else gets to eat (Trystan is trying to tell us that he's ready for food too, but we're trying to hold him of another month or so at least....)

Sarahlynn said...

SStlJoie, thanks! We think so too.

Kristi, the teeth are amazing to me. Ellie didn't start teething until 10 months, just like my sisters and me.

We've never been into buying baby food, but I do love being able to nurse more on a "schedule" (first thing in the morning, before naps/bed, and any other time she "asks" for it, but no longer every two hours, interrupting things like dinner!) Ada started wanting table food at about 3 or 4 months too, but I would just nurse at the dinner table.