Friday, February 04, 2005


Ellie has the best nursery in the whole wide world. It's a bit LOUD, but it's way cool. And it's dual purpose, too. In 15 years or so, when she's a stoned teenager*, she won't even want to go live in the basement. She'll want to stay upstairs in her room, which is both right by our room and is very trippy.

* Paul and I are such squares. It would serve us right to have a stoned teenager. We wouldn't know what to do with her. "Um, sweetie, doesn't that stuff make it hard for you to keep in step with the marching band?" Yeah. I know. We're losers.

We chose the nursery theme before I was even pregnant. My criteria were straightforward: 1) not-excessively gendered, and 2) based on books, not TV or movies. I'm also not big on cutesy. Paul's criteria were even more straighforward: 1) Must be Dr. Seuss.

So, once I'd been pregnant for several months and we were pretty sure that we were having an actual baby, we looked around online and shamelessly copied some ideas. Painting ensued. We scanned pictures from books into the computer. I borrowed an LCD projector from work and Paul traced outlines on the walls. Then there was more painting. I spent these halcyon days sitting in the doorway to the nursery, reading aloud from the new Harry Potter book while Paul painted.

Right. Now imagine that you can't see the floor anymore.

Was the room really ever this empty?!

The placeholder rocker picture is just to show the cute Sneetches.

Now, this is more like it! Very tiny, very crowded room.

The dresser Paul built and painted, which is right under the big picture of The Cat in the Hat, is my favorite part:

I still do sorta miss my office, though.

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trisha said...

That is a sweet room! You guys did a fantastic job.