Friday, February 11, 2005


I really appreciate getting comments. I'm not always great about responding, and I don't always answer email or write letters, either. Please rest assured that I am grateful nonetheless.

Reader Cindy says:
Well, I just wanted to say how great it is that there are people like you on earth. To be honest I couldn't look after a child with the down syndrom. I don't even think if I knew my child was going to be this way I would give birth to it. Well, I am sure I wouldn't. So to me you're amzing because what you're doing is great.
That's all I wanted to say, and yeah she's cute :)

Cindy, I agree that Ellie is cute.

Your comments about children who are "this way" are based on ignorance. No baby is guaranteed to be perfect. Children with Down syndrome are more likely to have some problems than are other children. (The same is true of children who are born very prematurely.) It's possible to have Down syndrome and not look like it. It's possible to have Down syndrome and not have any physical disabilities. It's possible to have Down syndrome, look like it, and have normal intelligence.

Oh, and thank you very much, Trisha and Psycho Kitty.


trisha said...

You are welcome! I wanted to say more, but, well, you know...

Besides, the bad comment-leavers rarely ever show up again.

Psycho Kitty said...

Don't be silly. You don't have to thank us for anything. We just think Ellie and you rock.

trisha said...

True dat.